Wednesday, June 12, 2019

monk strength

sure there's the resolve
of early morning sacred duties
prayers for each of you saints

then there's the raw rooted
knotted deep farmer strength
days and days
of raking, chopping, laying
up garden wall stones
yeah monk muscles
under these robes

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

a monk's heart

early morning bells
 up quick
feet on the floor
like any zen monk or marine

prayers, scripture readings
"devos" we used to call 'em
basement workouts
sweat glistening on my shorn head
  driveway hoops

whole pots of coffee
sitting or walking with my temple dogs
maybe just standing in the woods for a spell
strumming open chords,
cold beer

night time fires
Irish whiskey in a Scottish glass
moving through the Beatles catalogue
sometimes unbidden Johnny Cash tears

   sure there's pills
   tucked down deep in a bottom drawer

but I'm "doing the work"
speaking life
hopefully being excellent to each other
complaining less
even (thoughtfully) not giving a fuck

anything really
to keep my heart above water

Friday, May 17, 2019


things are getting tight
roads widen, ditches deepened
trees cleared for new houses...
...mansions in this case

fox has to wander up close
skirt the edge of the monastery yard
edging his way home
through the remnant woods

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

a lunch time script

monks gathered
under spring flower boughs
eating a light lunch
   suddenly still

in a spell of time
chatter and discourse resumes

novice: "what was that?"

tired monk: "just an angel passing by"

n: "do you do the same with demons?"

tm: "nah...we ignore em...
         drives em crazy."

the tired monk

Friday, May 10, 2019

of prophets and pick-up trucks

truck rolled up
window rolling down

"hey monk
...the Apocalypse has started
   it is happening now
   for some people
   the ones out on the edge
   seems like slow motion to us friend,
   but it is on God's time, yes God's time
   ...anyway just thought you'd wanna know."

truck peels out
laying a muddy rut
all the way up the shoulder
one last honk and a wave,
as the prophet turns the corner.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


this somewhere in Montana cabin
a full three miles past the last power post
tucked up on the tree edge
beside cool rocky creek water
rough hewn timber and stone
invisible from down the mountain

inside a bed, a table, a bookshelf
1972 edition of playboy
yellowed Kurt Vonnegut novels
 a Holy Bible
polaroids fall to the floor
pics from a party
moonshine jars and guitars
mugging it up for the camera

 - down in the town I was told some "movie type"
    used to own this cabin

later a nighttime fireside read
sleeping dog's rest disturbed
by mountain goat scuffles
candles flicker n'fade
running red wax down
the Mateus bottle

Friday, May 3, 2019


it's those glimpses
the ones that show you
"the way it's supposed to be"
 the eternal
the ones that overwhelm
induce tears
  then fade again into
the tugging sadness