Thursday, January 28, 2010

Porch Dreams

Fading from the din
of city cars, truck routes
and suburban garbage can lids.
Drunken yelling from the teens
across the park…fading.

Crickets create the white noise,
joins creak of the guitar case hinges
dust free flattop glows
by the porch light.

Songs – nay - the “set list”
Thirty Years of Farming
Time to Get a Gun

Laughter, and cheers and more join in.
Three train songs echo over the field
across the creek, slips through the trees.
miles from the rows of porchless houses.


  1. This is not familiar to me Ollie...but somehow I get the sense and feel of one enjoying 'aloneness' in the fading sunlight.

  2. joy in nature,
    lovely imagery...

    keep these porch dreams alive, have fun.

  3. It's like you were transported to another place and time on your porch. I like how peaceful this is without being sleepy or boring about it. Nice one, Ollie!

  4. I really enjoyed this, it was very evocative and left me with a strange feeling of nostalgia. Nice writing.

  5. This would make an amazing song...i love this one Ollie! :-)

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