Friday, May 29, 2015

solo kitchen party

clicking around
getting deep
into that sweet part
of youtube
tweak the speakers up

pull out my guitar
join in
hammering out
big happy chords

full voice singing
foot stomps the floor
imagining a ragged bass
or Tom's old plank

singing voice soaring out
over the dinner dishes

These are some of the key songs for reference:

I'm pretty addicted to Shovels and Rope at the moment.  


  1. Wow .. that's pretty addictive. I think I would dance even with dishes to do...

  2. I loved the idea of dancing along to a tune in the kitchen while doing dishes :D makes the ordeal a little more fun doesn't it :D

  3. I love the visual this invokes, as well as the verb "tweak" in reference to speakers. :)

  4. What a treat to find your moniker at Real Toads, Ollie. You have infused your lines with the energy of music-making. I enjoyed this very much.

  5. Lovely. I enjoyed the tunes, too. Love you some ... biting the tongue. The dishes can wait.

  6. Love it Ollie. I could do the dishes to that any day.

  7. How wonderful for the Young Novices, to hear happy singing over the dinner dishes. What a gift!

  8. Thank you for the links and for the exuberant expression of joy in your poem!!

  9. Ha. I have never played along to youtube, but it sounds like you got lost in the music for a moment, which is a cool thing. Better do those dishes before too long though.

  10. This is dinner done right. I really like the energy and build up here. I also like how there is another layer to your last lines. How singing over the dinner plates could also mean the musician chooses song as nourishment over actual food. Thanks for posting to the Out of Standard and Viva la!

  11. Love the solo kitchen party and thanks for the introduction to Shovels and Rope.....I think they may be my new addiction too. Right up my alley :-)

  12. Love it! All my dancing is accomplished in the kitchen. Bring out that bass drum!


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