Saturday, June 20, 2015

dealing with demons

the demon
rattles the gates
with impunity
throws curses
and wicked taunts

I bristle
look down
for garden rocks
to fire back
dreaming of lacing one
right off his mocking face


my Algonquin elder friend
said: "that is an energy, a dark energy,
that you don't want to mess with."

my Muslim friends say: "ignore that jinn
don't whisper its name".

my Pastor says: "pray"

I drop rocks
pick up my rake
work back
up the path


  1. I know, kiddo. The mocking face is what gets me. No remorse. No awareness. Enjoying the spotlight. Sick.

  2. The demon is always near. We all find ways to try to keep him at bay is the message I take from your words.

  3. I agree...Go back to work and ignore the dark voices ~

  4. Within each of us is the light and shadow - or the capability of it. Go back to your meditation of raking.

  5. Each one of us has to find our own way to deal with the demons. I think for some the night's a battle.

  6. Demons are so annoying, aren't they? Which is why I always keep a bottle of holy water handy. *hissss*
    Great poem.

  7. Throwing garden rocks on the demon.. is something which spoke to me quite deeply and reminded me of something profound.. Incredible write :D

  8. shucks, what a nusiance; what a profound bit of poetry too;

    much love

  9. idleness invite them & only work can keep the demons at bay...

  10. i guess we all have hose demons

  11. The panoramic advice let me know that all people face demons. When the narrator gave up rocks then picked up a rake, I jokingly thought, "Yes, swinging a rake doesn't need as much aim."

  12. Oh if we could only throw down our rocks of anger and hate and instead ignore, move, pray and love.


  13. Very cool! I like the three voices. Like raking as prayer.

  14. I say leave the dark energy alone and put up that shield and go back to your raking for there you will find peace.

  15. The rake reminded me of a zen garden... where perhaps the stillness away from demons exists...

  16. Those demons are so sad all they need is someone to sit down and listen to all their troubles. They are so maligned.

  17. Demons rattle so loud and incessantly don't is good to be given advice but essentially we can only create our own path - which hopefully puts them at some distance from us

  18. Those that taunt are always there, lets them flow past you.

  19. Brother Ollie,

    T'is the things which are sent to try us and our reactions in this life. It can be very hard to turn the other cheek in the face of provocation; but Northern Ireland taught me that lesson from childhood..The demons will eventually take their leave..
    Enjoy this near summer,

  20. Every one has advice but we must deal with our own demons. I enjoyed this.

    Thanks for visiting.


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