Wednesday, January 2, 2013

monk soup

still a little shaky
fevers fading
chills beat
by monk brewed
soup and tea


  1. Sounds like a bad case of manflu. Hope the new year picks up. God bless.

  2. I would say, "feel better", but that's so overdone. Instead I'll say, "Feel better, eh!" 'Cause that's the Canadian way.

    God grant you and your family a happy, healthy and holy new year.


    P.S. I got a ukulele!

  3. Monks have secret brews! :D
    Sounds like you have a special
    recipe, that warms the heart~
    Happy New Year Ollie

  4. I would so love a bowl of your monk soup, Ollie. Keep warm, eh? Hee hee. I hear you have a ton over snow Over There.

  5. I hope you and I both get over our colds. I might brew myself some tea and soup later too.

  6. Old Ollie,

    So pleased to read that the sick monk has at least moved to enjoy those drinks which signify a wonderful improvement is taking hold...Soups and tea, always the most comforting of drinks:)

    Best Wishes,
    Thank you for your kind Blog visits.

  7. Take it easy, dear. I'm glad your beginning to do better.

  8. Soup for the body, soul, and spirit? And tea, too. I would that all sick people came to see you first, and then they might not need the IV fluids and have to come see me.

  9. poor poor monk, good job tea heals everything (the British version of chicken soup)

  10. Monk brewed soups and teas will ever do the trick... along with rest and time.

  11. Monk's brew helped foster the civilization we currently enjoy so drink up and feel better.


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