Saturday, January 24, 2015

pilgrimage hill

steady uphill hike
the high snow line
clamber, climb
throw a leg
over the rock ledge
past the crackles
and dead spot hums
place earphones
tweak the dial
look down
over the valley
soaking in
the strong FM signal


  1. ha.perhaps if we had to make that climb just to get a signal we would appreciate it is becoming more and more advertising though...but hey, to hear the music i would go to lengths too...

  2. Ha, when exhausted by the uphill climb, it is always good to find that FM signal!

  3. Oh yes I have been to those places.. Now I guess it's wifi we are seeking ;-) - and I get my radio on the Internet.

  4. OK... I was so into this waiting for the view... loved the ending

  5. I love the name pilgrimage hill, and I can feel the long climb, and then the long look down. Sigh. Loved this, Ollie.

  6. I wonder if the radio was intended as a distraction for looking at the height from which you had climbed. I know I wouldn't dare to look that far down.

  7. we need some distraction inorder to push us on our aim. and this could be the radio.

    great adventure poem

  8. Didn't think i could handle the looking down on the valley part, the climbing okay once i don't look down, afraid of heights

    A nice real feel to your poem

    Have a good Sunday

    Much love...

  9. i didn't expect that ending but absolutely loved it

  10. To climb for connection or to connect because we made the climb? Effort is all. Nicely played.

  11. An FM transistor could actually make a good hiking companion though finding good signal might test your patience. Nice one!

    - ksm

  12. A hike and a listen... body and soul unite. You remind me that I need to get out and move more today!

  13. The journey does tend to be an uphill path.
    Great writing Ollie!!

  14. That's good to get that strong signal ~ But I prefer the quiet though, smiles ~

  15. Yes a hike to hear the show is definitely a plan.


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