Wednesday, January 21, 2015

toques, tonsures, and truckers hats

toque over tonsure
  too cold
  for traditional trucker hat
old monk robes falling
well below
the plaid hemmed coat

steel toes swing
down from the cab
quick running board prayer
swinging beads, Bible,
fresh cuppa joe

solid break
 usual stares
  then back on the road


  1. Very visual and fun! Love the rhythm and alliteration and story eliments. Thanks for taking part.

  2. I so love the image of the toque and the robes below the plaid jacket!!! And the stares at the coffee shop! The Tired Monk, on the road.

  3. Living a seamless dual identity. Well thought out. Well written. Hope you're well. Been along time!

  4. I like that running board prayer that happens when you swing down
    cause that can happen any time....

  5. This very much reminded me of a 60 minutes episode I once watched or was it Bill Maher's movie Religocraty or something like that? No matter the imagery was great and I saw him being a sort of truck stop preacher.

  6. The life of a trucker it's a culture all it's own where on the road you can be you.

  7. Some people really don't need to worry about fashion! Monks are among these.

  8. What a very unique character. Never worry about fashion that way.

  9. Back on the road, that's the job of truckers ~ Hope the break was good ~

  10. What an awesome character!! I love the descriptions and the movement within this piece. :)


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