Thursday, January 20, 2011

i sit too: a tired monk paradigm

i sit too:
at computers, yes fires staring through brandy
or on porches, and around kitchen tables
deep in
flat top rusty string meditation

guess i'm post-zazen


  1. i like lying down.
    twenty minutes of zazen
    twenty three hours and forty minutes
    lying down - give or take.
    usually something gets in the way.
    i'm not as dedicated to it as i ought to be.

    "flat top rusty string meditation" -
    have to try that.

  2. 'Post-zazen"!! I love it! Tired monks need to sit down and do "string meditation" - it restores the soul:) Good writing, Ollie. I love your tired monk poems so much.

  3. Awareness. Openness. Effort. If you are where you are, nothing's post-Shikantaza. That includes ripping out Cash with the flattop.

  4. I like how you sit, Ollie. No airs. Just a good firm seat.



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