Thursday, September 30, 2021

Scattered Wind Blown Poems


evil spilling down
through a sieve of fools
splattering toxic nonsense

respond with better words, blessing, 
midnight prayers, truth steeped in love. 


poet laureate's laurels
scattered spinning in the wind
down the alley
past the overflowing dumpster
and open kitchen doors


not much call these days 
for a claw hammer banjo master
folk songs under fall maple trees


tobacco, or an offering tug
from a plastic whiskey bottle
a song, a poem
all medicine  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I'm a Human Being

up early
pre-dawn dog walk past the Mission
fellow pushing a cart stops me:
"I'm a human being...
and a teacher you know."
He looked up into the sky, 
then back to me.
"Got a word for you... your homework:
find joy."
I handed him some money - 
he pushed it back with both hands.
"Give that to the next saint you meet;
there's one just up the street."

He gave his cart a big inertia breaking push
turned the corner singing.