Saturday, April 30, 2022

Comment from 2017

Comment from 2017

"Shame on you.
You should be praying nonstop
like my Pops who's a priest
in Nigeria, working hard
for the salvation of human kind...
not spending your time on poetry.
Shame on you.
Jesus, gave mercy on his soul."

shame...sure, but not from poetry
my poems are non-stop prayers
connecting to God
connecting to anonymous friend
connecting to your father priest
firing off even more mercy, blessings,
instant forgiveness, kindness
of salvation, love, peace, 
redemption in a new world
humanity singing a new song

...poetry is the work brother

Thursday, April 28, 2022

blue note book poems


little book tucked
back pocket deep
40 lost poems


two novices paddle past
moments from great learning
cats hate canoes


welcome to our campsite
bottle of Off, mosquito coils
covered in morning frost


early fall fire crackles
smoke through hemlock boughs
pinecones snap


peanut butter smores melt
marshmallow erupts  - burns
drips over monk robes


grass is long - damp
flattened in a trail
to log pile edge


meal remnants sit
hardening kimchi fried rice
empty soju bottles clink


driveway basketball thunder
real thunder along the seaway
monk settles on porch


axe shatters...splatters
through rotten deck wood
monk cuts new board


old Zellers work shirt
worn steel toe boots
flat pencil in baseball brim


fire wards off late spring snow
four finger single malt pour
wards off heavy day

Thursday, April 14, 2022

two notebook poems


country music played background low
faint gunshots echo from the forest edge
 - wild turkey season opening day - 
morning fire crackles, kettle whistles
tired monk ponders earl grey poems


loose under sink pipe
dirty dish water surge
quick tool box search 
finds a  spanner wrench
and a lost notebook
of summer poems

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


wet open buggy swale
this spring the bats will feast
tonight hoot owls soar
snatching up mice, voles, rabbits

ducks float
hidden down deep in the ditch
eating a fallen burger bun

tom turkey -  tail aloft
gathering up his lovely hens
 - a coyote watches from the forest hill

bent necked songbird - dead
kicked along a cracked city sidewalk