Friday, April 30, 2010

Tired Monk 2

coffee, so dark
ground perfection
poured, mixed
a cup nurtured
brewed slow and right

the tired monk
makes the best coffee

Tired Monk 1

the tired monk
yeah, he's tired, but he listens

met George many, many years ago
George gave wisdom
in heaps and dashes

family, aging, cooking, learning,
drinking, singing, loving and sinning

George knew some things

the tired monk listens

Old John

slowly, john has drifted
he still loves her
solid, solid love,
but he has drifted
drifted slowly out to his garage
drifted out there and built
a retreat, slow and steady
fifty years of beer fridges and tools
filled every drawer with nuts,
bolts, nails and screws
projects and motors
rebuilt and ready
a t.v. a radio
hockey night in canada
talk radio always on
he's drifted out here
a den of rust and oil
sure he's drifted
but he loves her

I Know a Guy

I know a guy who'll fix your car
find you a good deal on a guitar
I know a guy who'll knock out a wall
pick you up quick if you fall
I know a guy can't sleep at night
knock you out with his right
I know a guy who writes poetry
can hook you up for a fee
I know a guy still skateboards at 42
during the day wears dress shoes
I know a guy who likes tape hiss
he's a sure shot he'll never miss
I know a guy plays sweet drums
sits on his porch drinking rum
yeah, I know a guy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


3:47 city

late n' lonely
looking out over the highway
curves, n'cloverleafs
trucks cruise at 110
blowing through town
past the city and done

3:47 country

porch lights are off
quiet so quiet
then a rustle down in the ditch
raccoon shuffles
rooting up worms
scuffles under the shed

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Country Home

up here the roads
are gravel
ditches deep

cars whip n'fishtale
around the curves
fire n'up mighty dust clouds

teenage boys
smash mailboxes
with teetering mighty swing
bat smashing

when you drive by
neighbours lift their eyes, wave
they know you
and your family secrets too

abandoned shacks
linger in the forest
great place to sneak smokes

kids ride their bikes
on ancient cow paths
with hockey card spokes

this is home

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monks, Truckers and Dealers

Gary once wrote about
zen monks and truck drivers
they are the same
up early
seize the day
on the road
sweeping brooms
as the sun rises

here the monks and truckers
could be met
by the drug dealers
they are never late
for school