Thursday, March 10, 2022

double back demon

the demon
walks up the street
rattles the gate
looks for loose fence boards

all secure
moves on
looking back 
a few times

the tired monk sweeps
watches the road

he's back 
same demon
different hat
different hoodie
walking in slow
from the other direction

the tired monk sweeps
watches the road

the demon curses

Saturday, March 5, 2022


once upon a time
the tired monk was not tired
   knew peace

no anxiety attack hangovers
drenched in cortisol and liquor

just riding a cheap BMX bike 
down cow trails
my dog keeping pace
deep tree solitude.

no internet
no "smart" phone
no "social" media
no government work...

need to focus...or not focus
at times just think nothing
a monk of do nothing

backyard Kerouac
guitar chords
pushing through 
frosty Hemlock boughs.

 - this one is a mess...but it was written over two days, in two very different states of mind.


Friday, March 4, 2022

some animals

moose family
breaking from the trees
down the icy slope
through lashing snow
to the one open creek
drink deep

wild turkey flock gathers
fly up one by one
filling field edge trees
as the sun sets

not sure...he's big.
lifts his head 
like any farm dog
smelling the west wind

deer stays put
huddled up 
in thick pine boughs