Sunday, May 26, 2024

a new song

slow steady climb
up the rocky ridge
scouts used to clear this path
now it is rock strewn
blocked by a fallen tree
up over the shattered pine
then down into the small 
creek cut valley

drop my pack
by the door
little camp hatchet 
snaps through dry wood
flint sparks fly
warmth spreads
across the cabin floor

in the corner
an old Fender acoustic sits
six rusty strings hang loose
soon it is fitted up 
with a new heavy gauge set

low lonesome chords ring
up over the mountain top
a new song echoes

Friday, May 10, 2024

four more years

four more years...and 39 days
I'll walk out of here
dropping plaques
and ink wet cards
in my wake
stepping over
deflated yellow balloons
spinning slow
against the stairs

like Lot
like that prisoner
walking out 
that jail in Edmonton
but I won't be breaking
a store window
to get back in

I'll keep walking
out to my 4x4 ride
then drive
into the wild
deep into the wild.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024


music carries me
up over back country road short cuts
Neil Young and Crazy Horse
blasting hard fast distorted buzz

clicked off in my parking lot spot

a day of unrelenting cacophony
a stream of non-sequitur "facts"
questions and questions 
and questions about questions

head spins
exhausted monk

out to the car
all the way home
just a slight tire hum

The Monastic Heart: Bells

a bell rings
attention is called
to this moment
a thin slice of a slice 
of the never ending present
in this micro moment
I think of you
and pray