Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fallin' Down in the Falls

I've wandered
slipped up past old heaps
clutter and cigarette butts
through the alley
climbed high up over the streets
thrown brown bottles down
crashing the night
been with the townies
as we sip first burning whiskey
out behind the rink
trying to look like it don't hurt
seen lads punched and thrown
landing on the beer cases
stumble strut around
or walk with purpose to "the party"
served beers at 15
local tavern bends taps for anyone
if the cash flows
high school jackets or not
danced in a hops soaked frenzy
in the teen heat of the gym
nipped a pull of a strong drink
poured it - glop
into my morning coffee
bottle tucked back into the locker
next to mine
sipped cold beers in the shack
wood stove pumping
as the high hat thumps
and guitars unceasing
in the winter night
sure... I've fallin' down in the Falls

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