Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wing Robes

wore a set of wings
each feather a dagger
all sharp knives and blades

now I dream soar
in soft voluminous
tired monk robes


  1. Oh what a beautiful and sweet image - you flying in your tired monk robes. I so love these tired monk poems. Being a tired crone lacking robes but having some of the serenity of a tired monk!

  2. This is a beautiful poem.
    Nicely done.

  3. Nice job on the 'wings' prompt, Ollie!

    (Why is that monk so darned tired anyway?)

  4. Wonderful imagery! I love the gone soft..youth turned old..fierce become gentle. I too identify with your tired monk poems...:)

  5. I like the contrast between the two stanzas; nice. :-)

  6. I have also wondered what makes the monk so tired. Might he write a revelatory poem about it? Ollie, I have to say your suggestion to don the metaphorical monk robes actually works quite well. I feel serene, can almost feel their weight and their flapping around me......thank you so much. I must don them more often!!!! Have I told you how much I love your Tired Monk poems?

  7. old Ollie,
    I really liked the image of the younger (tired ) monk, with a fresh set of wings with dagger tips.
    Then the quieter (tired) monk, simply dreaming...Happy Days...

    Best wishes, Eileen

  8. hmmm. seems I'm late, Eileen and Sherry came here first. I should have discovered your blog a long time ago, there is so much to learn here. Nice set of metaphors.

  9. dream-soaring in "tired monk robes" - such peace in the second, in contrast to the violence implicit in the first - love it

  10. I like your two looks a wings in this, and the way it makes me think about how the first became the second, other than time passing. Tired monk robes -- I like that image -- but I think they'd get in my way. Thanks for visiting my blog too.


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