Thursday, September 22, 2011


she it dark?

mist hangs thick
in sodden hemlock boughs
flickering porch light
can't reach the forest
in this overcast
post-rain bleak

the Tired Monk


  1. I don't know...I find the dusky post-storm green-ness kind of wonderful. But it's true, the porch light has its work cut out for it. I enjoyed this.

  2. Like other poems written to this prompt, yours makes me thankful I do not live where I would feel this way about rain. It really casts a bleak mood.

  3. I ask the same thing myself when it gets misty...

    post-rain bleak--I like this ~

  4. I definitely hear you with this one! "Post rain bleak" indeed.

  5. Love it, Ollie........those very same trees are drinking thirstily and thanking the heavens for the drink they've waited all summer for!

  6. Love the image - the flickering porch light fighting a (losing) battle against the darkness...

  7. a glimmer of hope in the post-rain-bleak!
    You painted it well, I can see it~

  8. there is a sense of darkness in this poem. in these few words a powerful feeling, kind of a foreboding, something to appear when the mist fades. in a deeper sense it makes me think about humanity, our vices shroud us like that mist and can our spiritual torchlight penetrate it? a beautiful thought provoking poem

  9. Brought me to an old friends camp and an early fall visit-perfectly.


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