Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the Tired Monk: the Early Shift

those old night shift times fade
of the nocturnal tired monk
going home on empty streets

these days it is the early shift
dazed coffee brewing
forest walks under navy blue skies

slow kitchen rumbles
grateful for growing stovetop warmth
upstairs the brothers wake


  1. i like this description. navy blue skies!

  2. "early shifts" and "tired monks" should not have to apear in the same paragraph - or the same day!!!! You're a good guy, Ollie......I love the "dazed coffee" and the "kitchen rumbles"....and the young novices waking.........

  3. a good person like you will soon gonna be rewarded... love this post...


  4. I've worked many a "graveyard shift" myself. And while I could appreciate the quiet solitude of it, it isolates you from the rest of humanity...so welcome back!

  5. i used to work the night shift...the quiet empty streets were so peaceful but then again no one is around and i would miss that over the long run...

  6. Ollie for me it was the "navy blue skies." Those words perfectly captured the late shift for me ... for that truly is the color of the skies at that time.

  7. I have never worked that early or night shift but I can imagine how empty and peaceful the streets would be ~

  8. Upstairs the brothers wake... lovely last lines... I enjoyed this one very much..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  9. have worked the night shifts - and the description fits perfectly

  10. apart from being an excellent poem this took my imagination to into other worlds/times and spaces. Not as a distraction from your text but rather an extended pleasure; returning home in the early a.m (pre dawn) post newspaper round, as a young lad, to the warm and comforting hubub of my grandmothers kitchen - i,m also in mind of a truly remarkable movie 'of gods and men' - combine these memories and your smartly crafted piece and i'm in a heaven like place.

    thank you brother

  11. I work night shifts a lot...and it sure does get tiring :) I drink lots of "dazed coffee", that's for sure

  12. it is the last line, ollie, and all that is born with it, the hope and the innocence. who could want for any other kind of days?



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