Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Brink of 300...


The Tired Monk is heading out on a Pilgrimage; after four years and, oh so close, to three hundred poems.

Just out on the road looking for saints.

Thank You


  1. Old Ollie,

    The Tired Monk has been a most welcome visitor into my life. His words full of meaning and have prompted occasional self-assessment.
    I wish him well along this path and hope that he will return in the near future strenghtened by his worldly encounters :)
    Best Wishes, Eileen

  2. Ollie, I am so all about making the pilgrimage. The Tired Monk's writing has been a highlight of my days since we met, and I will miss you during your hiatus. I hope you'll send the occasional post card from the road to describe your travels and I look forward to hearing about the saints you encounter.

    Thank you, Ollie, for all you have added to my life with your beautiful message.

  3. I will miss you Ollie! I am so glad you shared some of your soul with all of us! My life improved reading the Tired Monk's wisdom! It was a privilege and a pleasure to read your work~ I hope you will write a book and that your journey is filled with surprises and insightful inspiration! Yes, I would love to learn more about your encounters with saints~ Your voice will be missed :D ATB

  4. Hey rest well and we'll see you soon

  5. I do miss your meditations, Chris.

    Hope all's well on retreat.


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