Wednesday, June 6, 2012

on robes

the tired monk
steps into
dusty dress robes

loose prayer beads
saint's coin
a cross

milk bone crumbs
Marc's funeral card
a folded fiver

even monk robes
have pockets

Still trying to get Likes on this video.  Help us get brother Joel to come visit the monastery.


  1. Bravo, man.

    You are continually one of the best reads online...

  2. Deep pockets I would imagine!
    Deep in thought with sentiments of grace~
    Nice to see you on my blog; thank you for
    stopping by! I loved your comment :D
    How are you?
    I hope not soo tired~

  3. Love reading the Tired Monk's poems, kiddo. Love the milk bone crumbs in the pockets. Me, too. Sad at the funeral card. It is good the Tired Monk will be there, with his good heart.

  4. love this. sans the milk bones, plus some m&m's, sounds like the bottom of my purse. xo

  5. I agree with Jack!..


    Btw, is there a celphone on the pocket? Just kidding!... :-))

  6. Old Ollie,

    I am so pleased to find that the tired monk is slowly resumming his duties again. Of course some dust may have gathered in his absence, but presence is as inspiring as ever.

    Best Regards,

  7. Um, are you actually a monk?

  8. The milk bone crumb detail makes me love this monk even more. Those are the types of little bits that make reading a joy.

  9. Oh, this is gorgeous.
    Restrained as a monk...yet...bursting at the seams, as full of emotion as a monk who needs a pocket.

    There's tension that bleeds between the verses that I enjoy very much.

  10. I kind of thought the same thing about a monk with pockets - but then I guess you have to also have some place to store the daily treasures you collect.

  11. fascinating details.adore your style.


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