Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rock n'Roll Saints

no Christmas tunes,
no - not even yet
Maybe a few sacred choruses
from brother Cash
on the cusp of the holy day

For now
this old monk works
rockin' the sweet humbucker reverb
snow gets stack high
frozen ice chips fly

thanks to

Neil, Jimmy, Gord, Fred, Ryan, Jimi, Eddie, Dave, Jeff, Matt, Joel, John, and all the rest of the Saints of Rock n'Roll


  1. I love the saints of rock n'Roll. Bards and minstrels of my misspent youth, hee hee. Would love to sit and listen to you play, Ollie.

  2. p.s. any chance of you posting a music video on your site????

  3. I loved working to a soundtrack...this takes me back to better days...

  4. I am not big on the Christmas music either..not until perhaps the day before Christmas Eve, otherwise I get sick of it. Rock n Roll though? It's a must!

  5. Saints? A better name than little-g gods. Now we can walk with them as brothers, sisters, and not idolaters. Thanks!

  6. No way of rock-and-rolling a bit of holly and ivy?

  7. rock onnnn! keep strumming brother.I am sure you'll even be singing on Heaven's doors.

  8. Keep on rocking ~ Have a good week ahead ~

  9. I'm with you. I prefer the rock to the Christmas music until Christmas Eve. Rock on, monk.


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