Wednesday, August 7, 2013

falling photo

the photo falls
slips out
from between
the pages

the last one
from the role
an over exposed edge
dipped in yellow light

the other side
a bit blurry
my wife
and my lost brothers


  1. I can see this scene, Ollie. Sometimes seeing old pictures can be a stark reminder of what was, but is no more.

  2. yeah, how often things underline feelings...or is it we want them to be alive...

  3. How looking at old photos takes one back to that time and place. A beautiful, nostalgic poem.

  4. a nice sketch of the passage of time .....

  5. Old photographs does take one back in time....beautiful poem.

  6. Brother Ollie,

    Sometimes we need only a fragment of a hint, to prompt amazing surges of recall. Old photographs are a wonderful means, of revisiting the path trodden at times.

    Best Wishes,

  7. wow what a powerful memory i imagine flooding back in watching that picture fall and seeing what it is....

  8. ...ah, how everything is changing year after year... your poem just reminded me of what happened earlier back here... was browsing an aged dictionary when suddenly a photo showed up... it was a photo of us (me & my siblings) back when we were all kids playing in the garden... i miss the bonding today... how i wish we didn't grow too fast...smiles... loved this...

  9. This is such a neat one, Ollie.
    "an over exposed edge
    dipped in yellow light"-- This brings in an image of an old pic so naturally. Beautiful write up! :)

  10. So sad, Ollie, that you have lost your brothers. How very hard. Love the way you tell this, the over exposed edge of the photo........

  11. A memory very powerful when slips from the passages of time

  12. Old photographs are nostalgic and remind of the gone days.

  13. Simple and beautiful language; very moving in its understatement.

  14. This is truly exceptional, very moving

  15. By focusing on the photo, you avoid having to tell us how to feel. That choice, along with the overexposed edge and faded images makes this a truly effective snapshot?

  16. Simply but powerfully written. I sense a tinge of sadness though. Very well done for the prompt.
    Dropping by from the Verse First linkup


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