Tuesday, December 31, 2013

staying the course

i)  Tired Monk's View

path is iced over
steadfast boots
slide deep
fill with snow
even monks slip

ii)  Temple Dog's View

temple dog is on a scent
something hot
tinged with human

big deep snuffling, snorting,
ah    just spilled coffee


  1. I love "sometimes even monks slip" and the snuffling Temple dog......wonderful, Ollie.........

  2. Brother Ollie,

    Seems like the lethargy of winter is taking its toll. The Tired monk struggling with the frailties of long winter living. The temple dog, feeling the need for some comfort in a lucky find....
    Looking forward to the first scents of spring time!!!
    A very Happy New year to you Ollie. Much happiness in 2014:)

  3. Keep marching Brother Ollie.
    "...even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their masters' table."
    (Matthew 15)

  4. ha. coffee is def a human scent...smiles..i drink enough of it....
    and yes, everyone slips, stumbles...our footing not so secure, yet...its the foundation we stand on that matters....

  5. ha.. love the temple dogs view.. great set.

  6. You keep warm, Ollie. You must be so tired of the storms slamming you this winter.

  7. I like them both. I like the surprise in the first and the fun in the second.

  8. These are two gems, Ollie. The first one reminds me of MY 'neck of the woods' right now. And the second one...hmm, glad it is just spilled coffee!

  9. Oh I feel sorry for them both, don't you?

  10. slipping and spilling...love the word play and the images....a great piece.

  11. Consequences of a fall . . . bruised pride and spilled coffee are the least of it.

  12. somedays / even monks slip -- something to keep in mind, comforting almost

  13. Love your words (and the peace of them) Brother Ollie.

    Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the barriers of the day and we slip and fall,and tired monks are as fallible as we, the unenlightened ones.

    As for Temple Dog - spilled coffee was I am sure, a welcome reward for his endeavours.


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