Wednesday, July 30, 2014

swishy dress

dressed for a party
 long formal dress
for a big Montreal ball

"dolled-up" she called it

glorious night
lights, dancing, music
cute army boys

back home
to the north
on the 7:30 train
same swishy dress

vague and beautiful

Big hiatus for the Tired Monk, but a few poems are brewing.  This from a little fractured tail my Grandmother told me about a night out in Montreal in the forties.  Her suitcase got left behind, so she partied all night, and wore the same fancy dress home in the morning...scandalous. 


  1. My heart leaped when I saw a post from Brother Ollie! Yay! I remember that phrase "all dolled up", and adore the those days the same dress in the morning was scandalous indeed. Glad some poems are brewing, Ollie. You've been missed.

  2. Nice Job. Welcome back Tired Monk. I have been on hiatus as well, but plan to join the Poet's United community.
    Square Corner

  3. Brother Ollie,

    This has made my day to discover you have returned from your sabatical and that you have shared such a wonderful poem...I enjoyed knowing about the subject:)
    I hope all is well with our friend, The Tired Monk...Well rested I hope.
    Best wishes,


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