Wednesday, January 14, 2015



back up from the south
back to bursting snowbanks
sliding through drifts


early start
even for a trucker
engine hums
wheels caught
in a black ice spin

calm - smile
keep it between the lines


roads empty
for a hour
or more

just that one guy
out in the dark pre-dawn cold
packing Christmas away

I made it to 400 poems. I go...


  1. Yippee - 400 gems from the Tired Monk! Loved this - sorry about the snow and black ice. I wont tell you how mild it is out west, would just depress you!

  2. Brother Ollie,

    So good to find you have returned from a winter sabbatical; rested I trust!!!
    Indeed Christmas has passed once again very quickly. Now the weather lingers for another few weeks, or months. It will pass too...Loved the spinning wheel upon the ice...A visual entertainment:)
    Really well done with 400 poems...Please return soon and give my best wishes to The Tired Monk.
    Happy 2015 Writing Year,


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