Thursday, May 7, 2015

a heading south poem

six hours straight
up in the cab
quick nap
stretched out
on the bench seat

back on the dawn road
quick waves, nods,
tip of the trucker's hat
merge right
into the first light convoy


  1. Brother Ollie,

    The life of a trucker is not easy. Saying goodbye to familiarity and heading off on a long drive. Trying to find sleeping comfort in the cab...Safe travels...


  2. Safe travels from me too.
    Anna :o]

  3. You have magnificently summarized the life of a road traveler. Driving for long hours at a stretch, then resting for the night and continue traveling again could be tiring or exciting depending on the mood and outlook of the traveler.

    I have done it myself. After long drives till late in the night, I used to stop at road side restaurants, eat dinner and sleep in the open on the coir cots looking at the stars twinkling in the dark night sky. Then get up in the morning and continue driving.

    Very interesting poem. I enjoyed it.

    Best wishes


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