Wednesday, January 27, 2016

tired monk's courage


to face the razor
don the robes
nights of hard duty

to take on most
 holy vows
to retreat deep
tend the hearth fires
walk the walls
guard the sacred gates

to pray
look within
find the strength
to walk down
from the temple
and serve


  1. Yes, indeed! Well said. Donning the robes and taking vows is one thing.....but it is the actual SERVING that takes the courage!

  2. Religious service is indeed courageous

    Much love...

  3. I love this, Ollie....especially the coming down from the temple to serve.

  4. great message here to reach out for the needy

  5. One of the most beautiful and courageous acts is of serving.
    Well penned :)

  6. Wonderful! Anyone can lead, but only the brave willingly do the scut work and serve. Well said.

  7. Yes, to be of service is a prayer in itself, and it takes courage.

  8. To give is to serve. Courageous to choose the difficult path of religious calling.

  9. To look within does take courage and serving even more. An inspiring write Ollie! :-)

  10. Only the courageous can look within and walk down from the temple to serve...well said...

  11. We must never underestimate the power of the human spirit....pearls you'll find are the ones you have been making, one layer at a time, all your life!! Great spiritual poem,Bro ollie!

  12. I love the sense of ritual in this poem..i could visualise his efforts..the discipline it requires to both separate yourself and thoughts and integrate them into your chosen purpose - if that makes any sense! Any dedication requires much effort and strength of will

  13. Thank you for this gentle reminder that even tired ones can be courageous...

  14. Coming from you, it is the truth indeed. thanks for that!

  15. I guess everything can become chore instead of joy, unless there are vacations.

  16. What a wonderful poem! Its deceptive simplicity hides a great truth and a message that few people understand nowadays, and even fewer who actually have enough courage to pursue such a vocation...

  17. Brother Ollie,

    We are all human and those who devote a life to prayer and caring for the goodwill of others, are charged with even more responsibilities. The expectations are probaly greater and therefore, so is individual weights and stresses. It is most courageous to admit to these woes, when they arrive..It's simply human and as usual, we seem to take a deep breath and push onwards..even with making tea!!
    Thank you for your encouragements too..


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