Tuesday, January 23, 2018

cold poem redux

harsh hammering rooftop sleat
low snow truck rumbles

the tired monk wanders
the night temple halls
tightens the windows
stokes the dying heath fire

waits it out
sipping warm sweet tea


  1. Hi Chris, I can see him, stoking the fire, sipping his tea. I spent last night in an evacuation centre. The earthquake in Alaska meant we were on a tsunami advisory. A one hundred metre high wave was expected. We have had them before and they were always downgraded to an advisory, but I thought maybe this time would be the one. Thankfully after a few hours, it was downgraded and no one got flooded. We were packed into the community centre like tuna but everyone was very calm and there were so many big beautiful dogs. I spent my time patting and communing with them. Scariest for those with small babies, especially one young mom who had a NEWBORN. Oh my goodness. Thankfully, all ended well and I wound up getting interviewed this morning - soaking wet like a drowned rat in the rain - for CHEK tv. LOL. No vanity possible in a town with high winds and pounding rain, you just have to forget about it. They'll just think I an an Old Salt. Smiles.

  2. Sipping warm tea does the trick.
    Anna :o]


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