Thursday, June 14, 2018

remnant forest poem

still a forest remnant
a deeper trail
past the newly dug swail

a few last white pines cling
hemmed in tight
by million dollar
cul de sacs dreams

I sit
let the temple dog
explore twisted old roots
and fresh rodent holes

away from top forty ear hits
24 hour news feed buzz
and wicked twitter wars
yes a forest respite still


  1. I'm glad you found a forest respite. "Million Dollar cul-de-sac dreams" seem to be eating up forest respites at rapid rate. We desperately need respite from those twitter wars!

  2. A forest respite is often necessary these days. Ollie, I wonder if you had to deal with that MONUMENTAL snowstorm that hit Newfoundland a week ago?

  3. Everyone needs some forest respite. We have some wonderful woods not far from here, as well as plenty of trees and shrubs in our garden. I will never tire of trees. I like the lines:
    ‘I sit
    let the temple dog
    explore twisted old roots
    and fresh rodent holes’
    and imagine walking a dog in the woods – ours sadly passed away some years ago and I never had the heart to replace him.

  4. How lovely! You make me want to shelter there too.

  5. As yes nature does have her way of cuddling the tired soul, forest is a good one

    Happy Sunday


  6. I love this and this is so clever "hemmed in tight
    by million dollar cul de sacs dreams
    oh and nothing better then a forest

  7. I wouldn't know what I would do if my New York City didn't offer a "forest respite" or three. Some of them seem rather incongruous (and pricey), indeed, but they make so much sense to the soul.

  8. A vivid walk--around here the dreams are much cheaper but still capable of devouring the landscape.

  9. Enjoyed this poem. I love places that allow me some solitude though sometimes I must envision a forest when I'm in the presence of only one tree. Glad you can find a little space to for yourself even if there are only a few last white pines.

  10. Need that forest respite ever so often.. especially living as I do in a concrete jungle :)


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