Wednesday, June 12, 2019

monk strength

sure there's the resolve
of early morning sacred duties
prayers for each of you saints

then there's the raw rooted
knotted deep farmer strength
days and days
of raking, chopping, laying
up garden wall stones
yeah monk muscles
under these robes


  1. A tired monk needs those strong muscles - and perseverance!

  2. Brother Ollie,
    This is the season to make hay for a busy monk.
    The rewards may be shared in a beautiful mead, in the warmth of an autumnal setting!
    Best wishes Brother Ollie..

  3. I know those muscles must be sore. But the Monk is alive. It is a soreness that is mixed with contentment, a sense of purpose. I guess he is alive in every way possible--physical and spiritual.

    That's the way the Square Corner sees it!!

  4. This is the way we are meant to live—offering praise and service, not just with our mouths but with our bodies.


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