Saturday, March 5, 2022


once upon a time
the tired monk was not tired
   knew peace

no anxiety attack hangovers
drenched in cortisol and liquor

just riding a cheap BMX bike 
down cow trails
my dog keeping pace
deep tree solitude.

no internet
no "smart" phone
no "social" media
no government work...

need to focus...or not focus
at times just think nothing
a monk of do nothing

backyard Kerouac
guitar chords
pushing through 
frosty Hemlock boughs.

 - this one is a mess...but it was written over two days, in two very different states of mind.



  1. It is hard to feel anything BUT disjointed these days. I am feeling the unreality - watching CNN, looking out my window at a beautiful spring morning, warm sunshine, tulips..........glad you have music, Ollie....and poems.

  2. It seems the simpler life and times was much better. :)

  3. I do like the picture you paint in that third verse!

  4. Not a mess at all! Anything that ties together backyards, Kerouac, breath and breathing, and bike travelled cow trails is a captive piece of writing! Nice.

  5. It is disconcerting to go about one's everyday life and watch the chaos on TV. I wish I had super-powers to rid the world of evil. And, I wish evil was not like a cancer that entwines throughout the world so that it can't be cut out.


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