Thursday, May 5, 2022

a grave poem

quick drive
no more than three minutes
quick walk
down to her mother's grave

she goes everyday after school
everyday? everyday.

sometime its a short visit
pluck out a few weeds
a "love you mom"
and home

other times
its a lingering lawn chair sit
a one way graveside monologue
a wave of guilt
when the seeping cold, 
mosquitoes, or a steady drizzle
sends her away

    my brother is dead
    he's resting under a stone lamb
    west of town
    I've never gone
         maybe it is time


  1. I am sad for that young girl who has lost he mother too young, as so many children do.........yes, say hi to your brother for me, when you visit.

  2. That lonely heartfelt, journey to those who once were, and now are lost. A mother in her grave, a brother in his resting place--a child's honour, a sibling's lament. This poem is a cry to us all--don't hold back. Man, don't hold back from those whom you love.


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