Thursday, February 10, 2011

empty temple

early morning silence
a few clicks n'cracks
expansive pops
in the slow sun glow

coffee perks

one temple dog sleeps
too old to roam
the back forest

she looks up
at the tired monk
closes her eyes
returns to her
slumber task

a fine pair
for this
empty temple


  1. a fine pair indeed.
    i like the thought that these two reside in an empty temple. that emptiness resides in them.

  2. see, andreas points to what my question was - why empty temple? there is an illusive line that escapes me in understanding buddhist thought. empty. empty. we hold such negative connotations to these words in popular society. imperfect, being another of those words that i am beginning to receive as less negative, more is. it's a wonderful piece though, with feelings evocative of what i want my future to look like. (see, and you suggest to me here that it perhaps should be my now?)


  3. A fine pair indeed. They know not to disturb perfect stillness.

  4. The temple is the mind. Lots of lazy old dogs in there. Good one Olie.


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