Thursday, February 3, 2011

tired monk: winter katana

snow falls, piles,
drifts dune deep
cars buried
wheels spin
sink deep

over the white banks
big monkish snow yeti

robes flap
leggings tight wrapped
to his back
a shovel strapped

his winter katana

digs and digs down
tires grip road
red shovel waves
in rearview mirror


  1. ah winter Ollie.
    a good write to read by the stove.
    thank you.


  2. Goofy? Too much fun with photoshop?...great toy...indulge me.

    Thanks Friends.

  3. Ollie I loved this one. I just happened to be on the blog list at Poets United and this photo popped up. Made me laugh and the poem is so fitting. You have a wonderful niche here you carved out. I love the Monk's adventures! He looks so determined!

  4. Bare feet in the snow???? Brrrrrr! Another good slice of a monk's life moment!!! I love how you see the world, and share those snippets with us:)

  5. I think Robert and I met two of you just last week. Impossible? Never.

    Wonderful write and play.


  6. You must be in the Blizzard-athon world we just experienced! I decided to write about palm trees for a sweet escape. Does your monk friend ever travel to the tropics?

  7. True winter monk. I think you've touched an archetype here Olie. Seems to resonate with folks.


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