Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tired monk on wrestling

novices rolling
circles of grassy clinches
twisting in tightening holds

robes sweat soaked torn

neighbour: in brow knit anger...
you let them wrestle?

tired monk laughs...

what are we?

what are we not?
we are fighters
body vs soul

thanks to Erin and the Dox


  1. Wonderful! "we are fighters - body versus soul". Brilliantly wise, Ollie!

  2. Brillant Tired Monk very wise....lesson to be pondered thought day...thank you..bkm

  3. would you believe that last night on the trampoline under the tension of life and soul my son and i first jumped and then we wrestled. he did a pretty good number on me. and i, of course, did a pretty good number on him. if we are to want our souls to be big than shouldn't we then let our bodies live big also?

    i love your response, ollie. love the way you live. i thank you.


  4. Again, you've taken a scened familiar to us all and turned it into a spiritual and moral lesson. Terrific.

  5. yeah, like this a lot.
    hey, movie recommendation! Win Winwith Paul Giamatti.
    really REALLY good flick, featuring wrestling!

  6. I love the fist stanza, and the last. Seems the spiritual is in war with the body...lovely thoughts to ponder on this slow Sunday.

    For more great poetry goodies and weekly prompts you might want to check out my little community I've just created:


  7. Monks, novices, you and me... all fighting body vs soul on a daily basis.

  8. A great metaphor. We all have that battle within ourselves. "Body vs soul" - brilliant lexis

  9. Body vs. Soul. Something to think about@

  10. The first half is so visual, and the second so thoughtful - and they work together so well. Love those last two stanzas.


  11. Old Ollie,
    Such a wise man is the tired monk.
    He does have a busy time with the antics of those rowdy novices!!!

    Best wishes, Eileen


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