Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tired Monk - one More Game

down deep
and dusty

jumbled hockey gear piles

the tired monk
repairs and pairs socks, pads, gloves

one more game


Sorry for sounding so weary; I'm actually excited...cautiously so...to hit the ice after a two year retirement.  One more game versus my 10 year old son.  Parents vs Kids. 


  1. Old Ollie,

    I think there is a sense of fatigue with the Tired Monk. I truly believe that he has more than earned a break from his daily duties, except of course his prayerful office.
    He has kept us faithfully in touch with his world all year. And indeed, I would like to thank you Old Ollie for your Blog visits.
    I would like to send him my greetings for a Very Happy Christmas and to extend it to you too Old Ollie and your family.
    Best Wishes, Eileen :)

  2. Old Ollie, have a wonderful holidays!


  3. Vivid pic you painted with this one, nice one.

  4. Yes, the tired monk is sounding weary. Those gray winter Canadian skies will do it to us. Ollie, thank you for the many smiles and poignant moments you have brought me this year with your wonderful poetry, and outlook on life. Hope the novices have a riotous winter holiday and that their mentor gets to enjoy some afternoon naps.

  5. Suddenly reminded me of that song by (OMG) BREAD...about the Guitar Man at 2 a.m. He just got to find another place to play.

    The love of the game is the same, no matter the game.

    Best holiday wishes!

  6. nice...taking my boys tomorrow to the rink...though i think i might not check them too hard...they maybe harder me...smiles.

  7. i always liked those crazed goalies on the nike ads, who had been sent into retirement by scorers who used their equipment.

  8. Visiting from dVerse, Ollie. Enjoy your game. Nothing like a 10=year-old to make your spirits (and game) soar!

  9. No rest for the weary monk--but RL sounds better. Good luck in the game--if it were me, I'd hurt something seriously.

  10. Enjoy the game with your son. Happy holidays ~

  11. Ollie, you be careful on that ice. And don't forget your warm scarf! I loved this piece, its simplicity and feel. Peace to you, my friend, and glad I saw you on dverse.... Amy

  12. My best wishes :-) ... you have said quite a lot in a few power packed lines.

  13. oh the memories of my brothers hockey games!

  14. You made me smell the hockey gloves of my youth. Damn, you hit a chord. Well done!
    Mark Butkus

  15. How deftly you've conveyed the intense and consuming task of parenting young athletes, of keeping a family "moving on."

  16. The game is eternal. Just ask Stompin' Tom.

  17. what human paradox says.

    what a memory you are forging - for all of you.

    i watch in the stands - double double in hand:)



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