Friday, December 23, 2011

Tired Monk Saints

oh these rugged saints...

the Irish one - a pugilistic pastor
somehow tough and tender   

the dread locked demon wrestler
guitar wielding evoker of tears

the beautiful one
who calls prayer "fun"

the multitude
of IAWAH angels

all of them from paramedics to x-ray techs
even the revolutionaries

God Bless 'em all.


  1. nicely done! loved the phrase "guitar wielding evoker of tears."

  2. and bless you, too, Old Ollie.
    i am grateful for you and your words!

  3. Oh the tired monk always hits one in the heartstrings. Just lovely. Yes, bless 'em all and you, too, Ollie.

  4. "Pugilistic pastor makes me think of the bar-room brawl in "The Quiet Man" for some reason. Very nice!

  5. Ollie, wishing you, the Abbess and the young novices all the very best in the new year - may it be a year of more wonderful Tired Monk poems to brighten our lives and warm our hearts!

  6. what a pure way to see. what a pure way to be. yes, bless them all. i think in your small and human way you bless them to witness their shining worth, their saintly ordinary being.



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