Tuesday, October 8, 2013

night prayer

rattled awake
by a lost n'lingering thought
a late night nagging
an image of your face
I pray
blessings to you

Lately, I've awakened at night with a vivid image of someone to pray for, so I do.

ha - maybe this is why I'm the Tired Monk


  1. Brother Ollie,

    Sometimes that is the gift of the Lord, in his manner of keeping us alert at all times, even in the night!!!
    Writers and poets suffer an amazing degree of twisting and turning. I suspect that the Tired Monk, may be considering penning an autobiography:)


  2. I would be first in line for a Tired Monk memoir!!! I love this and am glad the person had a prayer sent their way. Likely at a moment when he or she most needed one.

  3. more revealing about that who prays then that who requires the prayer but then we're all begging for a little blessing, aren't we? beautiful, Ollie.


  4. Beautiful poetry and even more beautiful prayers. I often wake up in the middle of the night too, but I don't always pray for anything (except maybe to go back to sleep). Sometimes I try to recite scriptures that I'm memorizing--only God knows if I'm getting them wrong. :)

  5. this makes me want to snap. delicious powerful words.


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