Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brother Gary

Gary is a guide
he took me up mountains
echoed poems
off Desolation Peak

brewed campfire tea
focused my eyes
on the beauty
of nuts n'grime
hard work sweat

pointed his walking
stick up through
pine tree tops
and the blue night stars

Mine is about my favourite poet Gary Snyder; another good friend of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.   You may know him by his Kerouacian pseudonym: Japhy Ryder.  I've hidden the name of my very favourite poem somewhere in you see it?


  1. smiles...makes me think of jack for sure....
    and it also made me think of my guide through the mountains who was a deaf mute
    but taught me much of seeing....

  2. Wonderful images - thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes, we can live vicariously through words of a poet.

  4. Sigh. How beautiful - especially the blue night stars.

  5. nothing sweeter than brewed campfire tea! great poem

  6. I don't know Snyder well enough to know the title hidden, but after reading your poem, I want to read his work. You mix gentle guide and down to earth worker with a reach to the stars. There's calm overall, and I like that.

  7. We all need a guide up that mountain. I loved the way you made it so rich and full.

  8. Transporting images...
    felt like a presence in your poem.
    Thank you.

  9. I'm not sufficiently familiar with (or enamoured of) Snyder - but I keep thinking it must be something to do with Desolation Peak? I like your poem so much that perhaps I'll revisit him!

  10. Any poet who inspires someone as much as this poem inspired you deserves to be honored. I know of Gary Snyder. Can't remember much about his work...never got into it. Makes me wonder if he is primarily a man's poet. Never got into Ginsberg either, so I don't know. I like the phrasing in your poem:
    "focused my eyes
    on the beauty
    of nuts n'grime
    hard work sweat"

    Very nice!

  11. Brother Ollie,

    It is refreshing when one has the wisdom and meaningful words of an inspired guide, who leaves such an experience in your mind forever. A true gift, seeing beauty through the expression of another...
    Thank you for sharing this poet and his words..


  12. ah, this poem feels like a breath of fresh air on a cold night.

    kerouac and ginsberg...the greats amongst the greats!

    i love the stars at the ending!

    stacy lynn mar

  13. I felt like I was there-beautifully guided :D

  14. Not familiar with him. This poem has a nice airy feel to it though.

  15. Always amazing how you can set a mood/create a visual with such economy. At "pointed his walking stick," I nearly turned my head to look...


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