Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movember Monks

monks tuck
razors away..more or less
just a quick flash
across the face
to create
a most unmonkish moustache

Us monks have changed our shaving rituals, for this month of Movember only, to love, and support our brothers, fathers, friends and sons.

The abbess's father, a most jolly Benedictine monk, is fighting prostrate cancer.

Also a brother monk begins his battle with testicular cancer this week.


Join our team.  Pray for the health of our brother monks.


  1. Oh, so sad about your brother monks. Glad you will grow your beard in their honor. May they come through the fire with many years still ahead of them. Peace, Ollie. And strength. You will all need it.

  2. Sad to hear of your brother monks' battles with cancer - may they win. And I am certain your mustache is most excellent.
    Anna :o]

  3. I only heard about Movember last night. Wish I had the $ to donate. I do have a heart full of prayers, though.

  4. Brother Ollie,

    I commend the good work and personal trauma to identity, which you and your fellow monks are undertaking during Movember. For very worthy causes.
    Take care with those delicate cut- throat moments:)

    Good luck,

  5. ah will def add my prayers for your brother...i shave my neck but letting the cheeks have it this year....i look completely weird in a moustache...ha...even the handlebar one i tried rocking once...good on you supporting your brothers...

  6. Ollie, hoping for good outcomes for those you know! Thoughts sent your way.

  7. My prayers and best wishes for you, your fellow monks and the family members of those battling cancer.May your faith give you the strength you need.Amen.

  8. oh, so sad to read this. sending healing and positive thoughts your way.

  9. I hope your fellow monks get better soon. And I loved your short poem; the idea of an unmonkish mustache is quite intriguing. :)

  10. This is a worthy cause, and how excellent of Brother Ollie to lead by example.

  11. I'm not the praying kind but you have my thoughts.


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