Friday, November 1, 2013

Lost Saints or a Monk's Lament

so many old saints
far afield
or dusty faded
from my life

gone to
those lost
lingering links
saint's prayers
just a click away

time to gather all the saints


  1. So beautiful an offering from the tired monk. Time to gather them, hopefully this side of the veil.

  2. Beautiful indeed. Sometimes we need to gather in those saints...
    Anna :o]

  3. Brother Ollie,

    November heralds a month of remembrance of both Saints and Souls. I feel lucky to share my birthday 6th November with The Feast of All Saints of Ireland. Surely safety must be a near certain!!
    Lovely poem Ollie...
    Best wishes,

  4. A nice reflection on the missing saints that have left one's life for one reason or another.

  5. nice...that is a bit of the season...its own harvest of old saints and souls who have touched our lives....

  6. despite being an atheist, the extent of conviction and sacrifice shown by saints like Jerome or Lucia and others are awe-inspiring to say the least.

  7. I love how your words have made me feel.

  8. You always manage to ponder the big questions in a small space: This reminds me of Elizabeth Barret Browning's 'lost saints' and how they may be found in the hearts of those willing to give and love.

  9. Yes, do gather them, Brother Ollie, and spare a prayer for this tired old crone, will you, while you're at it? Thanks, kiddo. I am weary.

  10. Brother Ollie,

    It is still November and the month of remembrance continues. I am certain that we hear each others prayers. I am sure the tired monk never stops...

    Keep warm as winter approaches,

  11. It is always a good thing to remember the souls and the saints who made a difference in our lives... Really like the wealth of wisdom you packed in these few short verses,



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