Wednesday, January 29, 2014

on forest monks

bike path is choked
push on
climbing over windrow trees

looking for signs, clues
some remnant of the old forest monks

a few planks from a broken bridge
   tea pot full of muddy rain water weeds
a roofless shack, and a fallen chair

they've moved on
good as lost
beyond this forest deep


  1. So sad. I love your closing line...........nice to read a Tired Monk poem this day - you have graced my morning. Take care, Ollie. I imagine you are still in the thick of the bad weather the east has been enduring....Stay warm.

  2. sooo evocative, love this. i think i've been to this place. :)

  3. Brother Ollie,

    it is rewarding to review back to past times and ways. To touch with life that was, and to try and keep the paths clear for future explorers...Winter has played havoc with forests and pathways...Tired Monk must be patient until spring affords repairs!!!
    Best wishes, Eileen:)

  4. So sad when friends move on and the forest slowly reclaims its space. Hopefully they will return when nature is kinder and winter is left behind.
    Anna :o]

  5. i read this a couple is at the loss of the old choked the road of the new ways is...

  6. Sometimes the path seems especially long, especially when one is searching for something / someone remembered from an earlier time!

  7. Your poem made me think of an old buddhist temple that would now be deserted. It makes me wonder why they left and where they are now.

  8. So nice to see you in the Pantry, Ollie.......came back for another read.

  9. great poem with a story that begs for more... each line presented an image for the reader...

  10. They've moved on. Nothing one can do about that, except move on. I really enjoyed the interpretations one can give this. Good writing.

  11. I so enjoyed this--there is a poignancy to it which stays with me

  12. Third verse, all the broken-down things people use in a social setting, very forceful images of solitude.

  13. sounds a grand adventure, reading the clues of the past and imagining what once was :)

  14. how lonely it is to find out that they have all moved on without you. Great poem!


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