Thursday, February 6, 2014


hammering thunder cracks echo
out back of the temple
ax explodes into wood
            it is good you know
            timber splits nice in this cold

the tired monk swings
   and swings again
logs n'planks smashed to motes


  1. I remember my days of chopping firewood - now in my past, I do believe, though I still love to stoke up a good fire in the fireplace! Nothing quite so satisfying!

  2. me too, oh how i loved, loved, splitting firewood. maybe again, in some future life, i hope.

  3. when i first left college i live in an old shack heated by nothing but wood heat....used to burst wood all the time....there is something therapeutic in it honestly...

  4. That explosion is great...I use a splitting maul a few times a year.

    I had to look up "mote." It finely fits the piece here.

  5. There is something so therapeutic in chopping wood--same in sawing wood --at least for me


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