Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Small Town Bringdown - the poem.

Swinging down the road
guitar, and a 12 of OV
nodding heads and smiles 
in each passing car
  they know

digging our style
long hair, plaid
Levis red tab jeans
(or the occasional Wrangler)
boots on feet 
big strides moving quick  
to the Friday night party
friends packed in type
just room enough to strum n'stomp
heat and cigarette smoke
flow out 
curling up and away
intertwined with chords
and laughter


  1. I can see the smiles and nods, feel the small town bonhommie........almost hear the beat! Lovely to read you, Ollie. Question: is the tired monk still tired? Or, like me, MORE tired? LOL.


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