Friday, October 16, 2020



"you look like a man with a heavy heart"

heavy soul really

Van Zandt heavy
Kerouac heavy
renegade country music heavy
can't lift my hood heavy
parking lot sad heavy
tears could spill heavy
considering meds heavy
minor chord heavy
tired monk heavy


follow up piece...poem...

Why are you tired? Why are you the tired monk?

tired of facades
tired of deconstruction
tired of shaving my monk tonsured head
tired of girding up for fights
tired of lies
tired of platitudes - pinned up on posters
tired of hollow virtue signals
tired of meetings, emails, emails about meetings
tired of these tattered robes
tired of being the only monk
tired of this heavy load
tired monk tired


an anecdote

Student enters the vice-principal's office.  

He knocks on the door - three quick knocks.  

Delivers his line: "Hey I'm tired of this fucking bullshit. (pause) I'm outta here."

Student runs off down the hall.  

The VP pursues...a futile act.

The Student exits via the main doors, and hops on a downtown bus.


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  2. I feel the same soul-deep fatigue, my friend. The above spam adding to your weariness, i'm sure. We need a sea change. A global shift of consciousness. Not that the corporations will become woke, but if the masses do, it is a start. Hang in there. It may begin to get better soon.

    1. Thank Sherry - deleting that spam was a good moment!

  3. Life wears you down. Makes you weary. Tiredness steals your soul. But only sometimes, and not forever. This is one of your best works. You will rejeuvinate. Your poetry will refresh what is you. Young, old, a high school VP...there are days all we can do is ride a downtown bus, a transfer in our hand. Thank you Brother Ollie.


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