Friday, January 22, 2021



sitting in the waiting room
amidst scattered magazines
chairs 6 feet apart...more or less
guy over in the corner breaks the lingering awkward silence
"every one a these fucking rags is about climbing goddamn Everest"
tosses the National Geographic spinning back onto the table

the Tiredmonk just smiles...under his mask, and nods

another voice 
from behind the nurse's office glass says "Chomolungma" 

The guy in the corner looks at the Tired Monk: "You Chomolungma?"

"...nah man Everest is."


Used to go walking down to the park.  Right along the lakeshore.  On good days Tenzin would be there walking his massive mastiff. His dog was a female called Chomo; short for Chomolunga.  This is the Tibetan name for Mount Everest.  It means Goddess Mother of Mountains.  Tibetans are good at naming things.

3.  A few years ago us monks got into making our own shirts, then we started making some for our neighbours, this lockdown we design digital art almost everyday.  Here is our Chomolungma design.  We made it for our buddy Tenzin; it is his favourite shirt.  Calls it his "Dog Walking Shirt" .


  1. Love your story and now know of the rightful name of Chomolunga, didn't before, so thanks for the learning.
    Anna :o]

  2. Had to chuckle at the guy's question! But then, I did know the name. Love this post.

    I have been to the top of Everest – in a small plane, which is the only way I would want to. All the Himalayas are very beautiful, but I fell even more in love with the Andes, also realms of the gods. All that was back in 1998.

    I loved Nepal nearly as much as Peru, and I like the Chomolungma design; will probably buy one of those shirts, or maybe the notebook or pillow.

  3. What pointed fun. Chomolungma design, a funny story so real like, and some attitude


  4. Ha... Good one ! Been years since I have run into you on the poetry trail Welcome back

  5. Great write!! Best childhood friend’s son made it to the summit ... wonder if he has a shirt? Will have to ask. Cheers!

  6. I learned something new today. Thank you! I'll try to remember her Tibetan name.

  7. Enjoyed the stories.
    Chomolungma, 'Goddess Mother of Mountains', that's a great name for Mt. Everest.

  8. The first one made me burst into laughter. I swear I know that guy, lol. Or, at least, and bunch of someones just like him, with whom I've waited in waiting rooms. Love the way you captured it, so relatably awesome (yes, I know "relatably" isn't a real word, but it feels right).


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