Wednesday, February 3, 2021


my brother left
oh I remember that one
my mother left (so to speak)
at the same time
my dad?
gone to...long gone
left before I was even born, 
           and I was premature. that's why 
I won't leave
I'm an oversized anchor
an immovable object - pure inertia
a monk rooted down deep 
right through the temple floor


  1. Self-awareness personified!! Love it.

  2. Ah, permanent resistance. One way or another they shape us.

    A succinct account, and expertly crafted poem.

  3. Yes, those of us who have experienced many leavings put our roots down deep. We stay. Dogs do too. I think that's why we love them so much.

  4. I like the interplay of the anchor (stationary in water) and being rooted (stationary in earth). The stability is maintained regardless of the elements.

  5. And "you" became the most stable of the family. Nice, concise write.

  6. An anchor as a metaphor for being well rooted in place and spirit. Well done!

  7. A telling poem, but it seems you know yourself well, and being anchored can be a good thing, indicating stability. It seems this challenge has engendered some soul searching on the part of all of us!

  8. Good to know yourself and your reasoning. Rooted can be a very comforting feeling.

  9. What a poem of resolve - and in a few short words as well! It tells us a LOT about you - cleverly written.

  10. This is absolutely fabulous. That last stanza hit me deep. Beautiful sentiment. Good for you.


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