Wednesday, May 19, 2021

a monk's list


monk robes cinched up
for work
sweeping  - a typical monk duty
brewing - (more coffee than tea these days)
lessons, poems, prayers
dawn devotions done
the guitar pulled out
to play a new song.


thick flat carpenter's pencil
stuck up under the brim
of a gifted baseball hat
marking out lines - 
crossing duties off the list


  1. I can SEE the Tired Monk, diligently moving through his duties. I love it.

  2. Gosh, long time since I've seen one of those pencils. So they still make them, wow!

  3. This is well done .... and quite visual making it all the more entertaining!!!

  4. Each of us lives our own lives which hopefully we choose ourselves.

  5. Now that is a different perspective, and an interesting one. A monk’s life is a busy one, it seems that every minute is filled. I’m pleased that there is time to play guitar and write songs. I haven’t seen a carpenter’s pencil in many years – my grandfather used them.

  6. The tired monk ticking off the list. I can just see that in my mind's eye.

  7. Ah, playing guitar--with a summer night sky adorned with the majesty of stars waiting in bated cosmic breath for the melody of the Tired Monk, the poet. Nice job.

  8. I very much dig your style and themes. Keep writing. I hope you find success with your resolution to write with regularly this year.


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