Friday, May 10, 2024

four more years

four more years...and 39 days
I'll walk out of here
dropping plaques
and ink wet cards
in my wake
stepping over
deflated yellow balloons
spinning slow
against the stairs

like Lot
like that prisoner
walking out 
that jail in Edmonton
but I won't be breaking
a store window
to get back in

I'll keep walking
out to my 4x4 ride
then drive
into the wild
deep into the wild.


  1. A good game plan. Smiles. Into the wild sounds good. Ollie, have you watched 500 Days In the Wild? the filmed journey of a woman across Canada on the Canadian Trail? She walked, cycled, portaged and canoed - the scenery is AMAZING, and the story is so good as she travelled with great respect and had encounters with First Nations as she went.

  2. This is top notch. You're really good at these journey poems. Four more years--anticipating where those next steps will take you.


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