Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monks, Truckers and Dealers

Gary once wrote about
zen monks and truck drivers
they are the same
up early
seize the day
on the road
sweeping brooms
as the sun rises

here the monks and truckers
could be met
by the drug dealers
they are never late
for school


  1. Basho calls dealer
    "no easy way to Enlightenment!"
    sweep out illusion

    Hakuin Paradox

  2. Whew, the last part is chilling and is a whallop because I was deep in thought about the likenesses of truck drivers and zen monks.

  3. I think you pierced Jingle's bubble.

    I like the idea of zen monks and truck drivers being kindreds. And whether by prayer, by wheels or by substances, all of them are on the road, aren't they?

  4. All of them deal.

  5. Powerful juxtaposition yields insight into what binds us as being human and needy. Great metaphor. They are all providers. Well done! Gay @beachanny

  6. Nice tribute to Gary. Keep hoping to hear him read in person before it's too late...

  7. there are zen moments with the hum of the road...and drug dealers, yeah gotta catch the early bird sales...nice one shot

  8. Love "sweeping brooms while the sun rises". The drug dealers entering the poem pack a punch, for sure. Powerful writing.

  9. "God damn the pusher man." - Hoyt Axton

  10. I like the analogy. Very deep, profound and true...

    musical whirlwind

  11. Each of us is on our own journey, and we each have our own calling, but we're more alike than we realize! I like your style and your subtle humor.

  12. zen monks - and truck drivers - a wonderful combination - more in common that one would ever think - and yet most of do have much in common...the ending perfect ...bkm

  13. the ying & yang of life eh!!! drug dealers at school...some great word choices..enjoyed this...cheers pete


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