Friday, April 30, 2010

Old John

slowly, john has drifted
he still loves her
solid, solid love,
but he has drifted
drifted slowly out to his garage
drifted out there and built
a retreat, slow and steady
fifty years of beer fridges and tools
filled every drawer with nuts,
bolts, nails and screws
projects and motors
rebuilt and ready
a t.v. a radio
hockey night in canada
talk radio always on
he's drifted out here
a den of rust and oil
sure he's drifted
but he loves her


  1. Beautifully written - a man-cave, a retreat, but he loves her. Wonderful, Ollie!

  2. I never read a love poem like this. Awesome, Old Ollie.

  3. Ollie, this is the case with many a football widow. I should know. Thanks for this.

  4. Old Ollie,
    I think this is a rather steadfast love.
    Space to be individual, while together.
    I enjoyed reading your poem!

    Best wishes,

  5. I can smell this place, the oil and the dust - a haven indeed for John..enjoyed it very much...bkm

  6. Your poem definitely captures long lasting love even though there sometimes be, sadly, the mental drift

  7. This is sad and wonderful! It reminds me of someone I know, older neighbor. His wife is sick and he is drifting! I really loved this one~

  8. Old Ollie i love this and it is something that happens to many a man...they have a retreat in the garage...:-)

  9. The idea of drift, not intentional retreat seems real. She has probably drifted too into sewing room, study, recipe files, friendships - and also loves him still


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